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College of Business And Economics

College of Business and Economics (CBE) was established in 2000 E.C. in intention of contributing a lot in the areas of economics, accounting, business and finance, etc by producing qualified professionals to various organizational needs of the country.

The programs in the College are enthusiastic to meet the university�s mission of:
o Realizing career desires and producing knowledgeable, dynamic and qualified accountants who are dedicated to serve the economic sector of the country by integrating different managerial models accounting principles slit to the problem in;
o Enhancing the intellectual and economic validity of our country through the academic program, research and community outreach activities;
o Producing graduates that can have adequate knowledge, skills, and attitude towards application of management concept;
o promoting the centered growth of the cooperative movement through its research constancy and educational activities as an effective, locally owned and democratically controlled sector of the economy so as to address the urgent needs and problems of the community by providing fair, practical and democratic training, which in then builds problem solving, entrepreneurship, decision making and cooperation skills;

To realize the indicated commitments, currently the college is running four undergraduate programs that are being given in regular and summer division. Since its establishment, the college has recruited about 3181 students in regular, extension and summer programs. By now, the college has about 49 academic staffs of which 5 are on study leave.

Available undergraduate programs:
1. Accounting & Finance
2. Cooperative
3. Economics
4. Business Management

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