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Welcome to MTU HAPCO Website

First I would like to say welcome to the website of Mizan – Tepi University HIV/AIDS Prevention and control directorate. It is my pleasure to invite you to visit HIV/AIDS Prevention and control office to access and share updated information regarding our directorate. Within this office, you will find resources for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support information as well as variety of other materials, including educational brochures and flyers having followed of our website.

Mizan – Tepi University HIV/AIDS Prevention and control directorate is committed to deliver the services to students, employee and to surrounding community. Thus, Mizan - Tepi University have the social responsibility to prevent, mitigate and manage the effect of HIV/AIDS epidemic through all aspects of its core activities of teaching, learning and research and community engagement.

Education sector is among those affected by the emergence of HIV/AIDS. The epidemic has led to illness and death among staff and students. Education is also at the center of HIV/AIDS response. Having this, the education sector policy and strategy on HIV/AIDS spells out that HIV/AIDS not only affect quality of education but also reduces the number of educators, students and other staff members and also distorts the resource of the sector. With this respect studies show that higher education institutions are at risk for the transmission of HIV/AIDS for several reasons.
MTU HAPCO recognizes that HIV and AIDS is not only the issue health, it’s beyond the matter of this, one which concerns the entire University community and our society in every possible aspect. The University is committed to play an active role in its Students, academic staffs, administrative working groups and the surrounding communities by mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS through capacity building, exploring & applying research findings, new innovative technologies and community based services.

HIV prevention and treatment as well as care and support services and other activities in Mizan-Tepi University are coordinated by HIV Prevention and control Directorate under the shade of the office of the president.

For more information please visit our office!

Gebrewahd Birhane - HAPCO Director
Office: Main campus (Mizan), President Building second Floor, Room No. 106.
Tel: +251- 471352752 (office)
E-mail: gebrewahdbirhane@gmail.com