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Office of the president

Message from the President

Dear MTU academic staffs; administrative and technical support staffs; professionals in our teaching hospital; our students; our community and national and international partners, I am so happy and proud to be the member of MTU.

I believe that MTU can accomplish its objectives with the collective effort of all the stakeholders that could be augmented by the resources the nature endowed. The geographic advantage of the areas being evergreen; the sustained support and sense of ownership by the community and the established culture of the peace-loving university community are our assets that we always want to preserve.

MTU, as other higher education institutes of our nation aspire to be the center of human capital development in which the graduates uphold the established democratic culture; preach diversity; accelerate economic, social and political development; hate and discourage rent-seeking attitudes and practices; be loyal to the community; and abide by the constitution.

Not only the current global completion but also national and international challenges of quality education concern us to be stronger and further prepared. To make our graduates competent we need to give due emphasis in building their knowledge, skill and attitudes. Our graduates to excel in the fast-changing global workplace, they need to be versatile, creative, socially competent and enjoy diversity.

I look forward to the years ahead, working with everyone to transform MTU strategy into concrete action.

For our success our commitment is a must and our partners support is our strength.

Thank you !

Faris Delil Yesuf (PhD) President