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» RBD Vice President

RBD Vice President

MizanTepi University is playing its role since its inception depending on its missions identified by the ministry of education. These missions basically include learning teaching, research and community development support services. These responsibilities are implemented by the two big wings: - Academic and Administrative under the president office. As the role of the university is basically implementing learning teaching, research and community development support which is more empowered by the inputs from the administrative wing. This office plays the leading and coordination role with its respective subordinates such as students’ basic service directorate, procurement and property administration directorate; human resource development directorate; finance directorate, the vice president office directorate, and income generation directorate. In collaboration with these directorates the vice president office provides effective and efficient services for the internal and external customers as well as strives to create pleasant working environment for learning teaching, research and community development support service. Besides, the vice president office is striving to realize the mission and vision of the university as well as the Growth and transformation plan of the country at large.

Finally, I would like to convey my message to the entire community of Mizan-Tepi University to take part in the struggle to avoid the good governance problems and rent seeking endeavors in every aspects of the university.

I thank you!

Jemere kochito