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» Resource and Business Development office Directorate

Resource and Business Development office Directorate


Resource and Business Development office is one of the offices under Resource and Business Development Vice president. Managing director of this office is accountable to the vice president for resource and business development with responsibilities of consultancy on providing a clear policy document and guidelines on facility management, property administration, procurement ,finance and student services and as well services that will enhance the business opportunities of the University.

This office's managing director consults the vice president for Resource and Business Development on the following five directorates and its office matters. These are:
Campus and Basic Student Service Directorate
Procurement , facility and Property Directorate
Human Resource Management Directorate,
Finance Administration Directorate,
Revenue generation and development Directorate

The office play the consulting and coordination role with respective directorates and office matters, such as in mobilizing and administering the human, financial and material resources in order to provide effective and efficient services for the internal and external communities as well as to create pleasant working environment for teaching -learning core process of the university.

Duties And Responsibilities

Managing director for resource and business development has the following duties and responsibilities to :-

Consult the vice president for resource and business development(RBD) on planning, organizing and coordinating all activities of finance, procurement, facility, property administration, human resources management & student services , and revenue generation and business development of the University;

Request all directorates under RBDVP to submit their timely plan and report, then after they collaboratively and professionally evaluate, then finally managing director will submit to plan and program directorate with the vice president signature.

Follow up on the implementation of directions given by the vice president to its directorates by writing letters referring to vice president letter and inform the result back to him.

Respond to president and academic vice president wing task to be done and their question in collaboration with concerned directorates on behalf of RBDVP.

Call directors for meeting by confirming with RBDVP's sign and notify to the VP office those who attended.

Follow up the implementation of issues that associate with administrative wing based on feedback emanated from managing counsel, senate and university council minutes and provide timely report to concerned bodies.

Observe and request any necessary information regarding administrative wing's matter either horizontally or diagonally from concerned office.

Prepare office business calendar, control timely recurrent and capital budget preparation and follow up and evaluate their implementation as per the program jointly with concerned directorates.

Devise strategies for reducing and eliminating procurement system delayance, pursue and evaluate the presence of systems that prevents corruption and wastage of resource, and also provides professional feedback.

Follow ,evaluate and provide professional feedback on the presence of effective and efficient financial resource utilization system, customer satisfactory payment system, timely trial balance preparation and evaluate their effectiveness with concerned offices.

Pursue and evaluate feasible and various revenue generation project activities, evaluate with concerned offices and provide professional feedback;

Follow , evaluate and provide professional feedback on the presence of systems that customer demand oriented general service;

Pursue , evaluate and provide professional feedback on the presence of systems that ensure equitable property and timely distribution with efficient utilization;

Organize statistical data that shows university's resource, human power, finance, property , building, and inform to other offices diagonally;

Devise a means to strengthen and improve basic student service(cafeteria, dormitory, clinic, entertainment services, etc), and as well pursue, evaluate and report to RBDVP about their applicability.

Pursue different proclamation, regulation and directives implementation, capacity building program preparation and implement with concerned stakeholders;

Implement other duties and responsibilities that to be given by RBDVP.

Office Vision

The office imagine to consult for the provision of efficient and quality support services for the university to be one of the leading higher education institution in the country by 2025 on the areas of natural resources and cultural values utilization.

Office Mission

Providing consultancy service for the efficient and quality support services to the development of nation by reserving and utilizing natural resources and cultural values through the provision of relevant and quality education, active participation in research, and community services.

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Mrs. Aregu Asmare Hailu (Director )