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School of Law

School of Law
Our School aspires to see a democratic Ethiopia in which justice prevailed in the instrumentality of rule of law.
 Supplying qualified law graduates who enhance the legal profession.
 Actively engaging in academic researches works that solve underlying societal problem in the justice sector.
 Unreserved participation in community support, in particular, providing Free Legal Aid Service to the poor who do not afford to pay for advocacy, from consultancy up to litigation in courts and tribunals.
 Quality education
 Equality
 Rule of law
School of Law currently has 25 on duty staffs, 24 are LL. M holders in variety of fields of specializations, and 1 LL.B holder. In addition, we do have 6 staffs who are on study leave. The 2 are wondering PhD whereas the rest 4 are pursuing their LL.M in local universities and abroad. The PhD students are supposed to complete their study by this year that promotes the School’s human resource qualification record and its plan of opening post graduate class.
Currently, our School is playing its role actively in teaching learning, academic research and community support activities. With regard to the first program, it is training LL.B students both in regular and continuing programs since the School was opened in the year 2009. So far, the School has been awarding LL.B holders for six consecutive years. Our School is prestigious in its record in National Law Exit Exam that we have only 6 failure records over the past 12 years. The School operates to further this achievement in the slogan “All Pass !”.
Hailu Nega Zerabeza
Dean, school of Law
Bobile +251915612821
Email- hailah.mariam@gmail.com