Academic Affairs

Message Vice President

Dear all stakeholders of Mizan-Tepi University:
In the first place, I would like to appreciate your cooperation in the total journey of Mizan-Tepi University since its foundation. In the past 14 years, MTU has shown a substantial growth and has augmented the students’ total enrolment both in under and post graduates programmes to around 18,000 in regular and continuing programme in its forty-two departments of six colleges and two schools. In the meantime, the university has graduated more than 20,000 students in different fields and programmes of study.

Mizan-Tepi University has tried to focus on the quality and relevance of educational programs. The University is working to control and improve the quality of education in a sustainable manner in combination of student-teacher, classroom-student, and student-textbooks. MTU has been working to increase its enrolment and education capacity as set out in the Second Growth and Transformation Plan.

Over the last years, the university has gone through many successes and challenges in its teaching and learning process. Although the number of students we have received over the years is lower than expected, efforts have been made to improve and graduate with a better quality of education. Due to the shortage of infrastructure, such as laboratory buildings, workshops and laboratories, it is difficult to say that all endeavors have been perfect. As a reason, students were forced to go to another university and undertake a practice there.

It is known that in the future, the country needs producing qualified graduates who can meet the needs of the country's labour force and progress the economic growth. To respond this, Mizan-Tepi University focuses on quality and relevant education. Thus, major activities will be undertaken to help strengthen the foundations of quality, relevance and equity to achieve the goals. To maintain the quality of education to meet the labour needs of the industry and to uphold its international competitiveness, it is necessary to identify and process various inputs, implementation processes and outcomes as well as potential impacts.

Dear stakeholders: we trust and work on quality. The graduates of Mizan-Tepi University should be based on the needs of the labour market; and their skills should be commensurate with the growth of the economy. Therefore, education should be based on the country's future development direction and manpower needs. To do this, students will be able to increase their chances of field choice and gain access to their talents. Scientific and Technological research should be able to contribute to the development and take into account the latest technological advances and open the door to innovation and job creation. The graduate’s whole personality should be developed in skills and abilities. Therefore, we work hard to produce a citizen who is passionate about work, patriotism, rational and deep-rooted that believes in dialogue and is confident.

Furthermore, MTU empowers the graduate to play a significant role in the development of the country, people and themselves by producing a graduate, who is qualified and competent in the required profession, is psychologically advanced, understands and protects social values, is physically fit and mentally competent.

MTU ensures that students are enrolled in educational programs without discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, nationality, economy, political affiliation, disability, environment, etc. Therefore, you all respected stakeholders, in my part, I would like to encourage your invaluable hands to get together so as to take effective role in cooperating that dream comes true.

I thank you.

Kassahun Mulat (Phd candidate)
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Phone: +251 930 504 895/+251 900 222 828