Registrar Office

Welcome to Mizan Tepi University Office of The Registrar!

The Mizan Tepi University office of Registrar, comprising of nine units is dedicated primarily to serve faculty and students by providing services of scheduling, registration, record keeping and reporting.



Is committed to provide and continually improve academic support services for the MTU by maintaining the accuracy, integrity and privacy of MTU student records; ensuring the compliance with MTU policy &higher education regulations & provide quality service to respond to inquiries accurately & promptly.


The Directorate strives to :

Hold the trust & confidence of students,colleges/schools,& MTU community for our quality of work.
utilizing emerging technology to enhance the efficiency, convenience , accuracy & efficiency of our service


Accuracy: Correct interpretation of rules & Policies
Clarity: Clarify confusion & misunderstanding of policies, processes, procedures, rules & regulations
Communication: to share expertise & Listen to our clients
Integrity: to demand responsibility, confidentiality,& honesty in our work
Fairness: equitable & consistent application of policies rules, regulations & provision of services
Customer Service: to help customers in timely & caring way
Teamwork: to foster a collaborative work environment with those in and out of our office

Primary Responsibilities

Academic Records

Maintain students academic records & data
Produce transcripts for current and former students
Manage end-of-term process to include recoding grades, calculating CANGP,and processing academic status decision.
Monitor students’ progress toward degree requirements; certify students’ completion of requirements, and issue diplomas and certificates.
Manage enrollment and degree verification.
Records retention
Manage general personal function such as name changes, address changes ets.

Registration services:

Admitting incoming students & organizing general orientation
Course Registration
Enrollment related process including withdrawal & readmission.
Establish & manage grading deadlines of all courses.
Produce census, end-of-term, and ad-hoc reports
Curriculum & catalog
Provide guidance related to curriculum, academic policies & procedures
Create and update the academic calendar & university catalog.

For online student information service click here MTU Student Information System

Leykun Asfaw Chekole(Director )