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Message Vice President

Education is a key tool for a country's economic, social and political development. Accordingly, to support the efforts to build a prosperous Ethiopia; where all its citizens live in equality and peace, government of Ethiopia pays special attention to higher education to take a major role to build manpower that is mature in whole personality, developed and transformed, enriched with knowledge and skills, able to communicate, can discuss and talented to produce solution to solve problems, reasonable and self-reliant.

Mizan-Tepi University is one of the universities in our country that has been established with these great national and international missions and objectives.

To achieve the local, national and international competitiveness required by our university inline to fulfill its vision and mission efficiently, the university has set up various internal organizational and leadership systems, including the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Student Services.

The main task of the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Student Services is building knowledge, skills and attitudes of its manpower and ensuring good governance; and contributing significantly to the success of the university's vision and mission by providing convenient, efficient, fast and effective services for teaching and learning, research and community service as well as technology transfer.

In this regard, extensive work is required from the administration so as to accomplish the responsibilities and tasks assigned to it in terms of the success of our university's mission and vision.

In the concern, though the administration has been making various efforts to realize the responsibilities and tasks assigned to it in light of the success of our university's mission and vision, extensive work needs to be done to meet the growing needs of instructors, students, administrators and stakeholders. Cognizant to this fact, increasing the capacity of administration staff to execute and enforce, improving and updating comprehensive service delivery; establishing a cost-effective and efficient resource management system; Creating a comfortable, attractive and peaceful work environment; collaborating and working with stakeholders and good governance are among the most important focus areas.

Therefore, I strongly urge a support of all administrative staff, faculty staffs, technical assistants, students and other stakeholders to contribute to the success and effectiveness of the Office of vice president for Administration and Student Services, which plays a significant role in the success of our university's vision and mission, is invaluable.

Long live Ethiopia!
Dr. Suleyman Abdulkadir,
Vice President for Ad/St/ Services
Phone: +251 930 504 895/+251 900 222 828