Natural and Computational Sciences

About The Collage

College of Natural and Computational Science (CNCS) is one of the colleges in the academic organization of the university established in 1999 E.C by enrolling 253 summer students (228 M, 25F) under four departments (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics). Then after, in 2000 E.C, the college persists in admitting 714 regular students (553 M, 161F) within these departments.

Since then, the college has been registered several achievements and there are vital milestones in the history of the university. The collage has been developed curricula for several new fields of studies, and has shouldered the responsibilities of institutional management. Among those under graduate program Statistics department was started at 2002 E.C; next to that sport science department was lunched at 2003 E.C and lastly, at 2007 E.C Geology/Geophysics department was established but after some year the name of the department has been modified in to department of Geology as per the reviewing of curriculum result.

Currently, the collage has reached seven undergraduate and seven post graduate programs. In addition, extension and summer programs are offered by most of the departments. In total, the academic departments provides a rich curriculum to all 8183 regular, extension and summer students enrolled at college of Natural and Computational Science through baccalaureate certificate and graduate programs. The college of Natural and Computational Science is striving to meet the required staff profile through different staff development plan so that the college has currently 20 number of staffs in their PhD degree study and 23 number of staffs in their Master degree study in different university. Beside academic staff on study, college has a large number of PhD and MSc degree holder staffs on duty. Currently in 2014 E.C, the college of Natural and Computational Science has the following Academic staffs both on duty and study leave

Welcome to College of Natural and Computational Science at Mizan Tepi University, Tepi Campus, Tepi, Ethiopia. The overall view of college including Historical background, vision, mission, core values, programs and information regarding department are detailed for your information hereunder. Thank you for visiting our college.

Bizuwork Derebew (Assistance Professor in Applied Statistics)
Dean, College of Natural and Computational science
E-Mail:, Telephone: +251 475561243 (Office)

  • The college aspires to become a leading inter-disciplinary college that promotes Cultures and conservation of Natural resources through research and community services. Towards realizing of this vision, the college seeks to cover the intellectual experience of respective mosaic departments to deliver quality education.

  • The mission of college is to produce young and competent scholars that outshine nationally, Regional and world job markets in the area of specializations.

    • Well trained quality graduates to meet the man power demand of various Ministries, Institutions/schools and various sectors in Ethiopia.
    • Qualified, adaptable, motivated, and responsible graduates in natural and computational streams who will contribute to the scientific and technological development of Ethiopia.
    • Graduates that are capable of independently formulating research ideas and projects based on problems and needs of the society.


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