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About The Collage

The history of School of Computing and Informatics has begun in 2013 GC with three departments: Computer Science, Information Technology and Information Systems to share the mission of the institution. The basic objective of School of Computing and Informatics is to produce high quality graduates with full professional competence for the local and international IT industries. The School of Computing and informatics promotes impact-oriented research activities and strive to solve national problems using ICT as an enabling force to societal digital transformation. The school also considers community service as a priority; and it is the reason why the school comes to exist.
As the years go on, the establishment of the school has shown a significant increasing number of students and staff populations, and demands for sophisticated facilities. Currently, the school has 4 assistant professors, 51 lecturers, 24 assistant lecturers, and 10 technical assistants. To realize its mission, the school has fully furnished 10 laboratories in the aforementioned departments; and it aspires to be a center of excellence in computing science. Since one of the pillars of the school is research and innovation, it has been working for the establishment of special research project lab such as in Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence labs. School of Computing and Informatics consists of the following four undergraduate programs and undergoing to launch graduate program in Information Technology.

Mr. Simegnew Asemie(MSc in Mechanical Engineering)

Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Information Technology

Dean, School of Computing and Informatics


Mobile Number: +251910361798

  • To be one of a recognized institution of academic and technological excellence in computing science.

  • The school of computing and informatics aspires to be a leading institution in the development of high-quality human capital, innovation and services in ICT that will contribute to the nation’s wealth creation.
  • Innovation & openness: We want to nurture more student entrepreneurs. We aim to develop more academics into founders. We plan to embed innovation and entrepreneurship more into our teaching.
  • Diversity & collaboration: We work together, in existing teams or in agile groups to provide the best education to our students, to create a leading and impactful research, to develop and train our staff, and to manage the school in support of its mission.
  • Courage & Excellence: We dare to explore new paths in teaching, research, and innovation. We embrace failure of risky projects as an element of lasting success. We encourage research that does not follow the latest fashions.
  • Empathy & respect: We respect ourselves, other staff and students, and show this respect in our actions. We value different opinions and encourage open discourse. We can approach our leadership without fear of negative consequences.


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