Business Development

Message Vice President

Mizan-Tepi University, one of higher education institutions in Ethiopia, has been playing its role since its commencement depending on its mission identified by the Ministry of education. This mission basically includes learning-teaching, research and community development supports.

As it is known, the basis of all knowledge is research and development; and the construction of research centers and parks will also be a priority in the coming strategic years.

Thus, Mizan-Tepi University needs human, material, and financial resources to be successful and achieve its goals. Therefore, it is vital to have and use qualified academic staffs and support staff in a sustainable manner. Similarly, the utilization of acquired assets and services should be efficient and cost-effective. With a focus on strengthening sustainable financing and utilization systems; building a sustainable, efficient, effective and accountable financial system and income generations endeavors need attention.

Science, research, technology and indigenous knowledge play an important role in helping Ethiopia move in the right direction and speed. Thus, one of the main activities of Mizan-Tepi University is to use, expand and strengthen science, technology, research, community service and indigenous knowledge. The provision of various resources necessary for scientific knowledge, the transfer and expansion of science knowledge, and the establishment of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) centers from primary schools are issues that need attention.

In the future, information technology is expected to be the backbone of the core activities of teaching, learning, research, and community service. Therefore, the construction of institutions to enhance the use of technology, the development of ICT infrastructure, the creation and transfer of technology, and enrichment of technology are the focus. In this regard, the government is working hard to expand information technology to accelerate the country's growth and utilization of technology.

Consequently, the expansion of information technology infrastructure in the university will help to enhance the teaching and learning process. Over the past years, the university has paid close attention to the expansion of information technology from the federal government; however, there is no significant ICT infrastructure in the institution. Therefore, one of the issues that the university should focus on in the future is the development of information and communication technology.

The business development vice president office has been performing different Mega building projects in its three campuses like students’ dormitories and class rooms, academic staffs Condominium and main campus road   are among others. In addition, one of the powers and functions assigned to the university is to generate income and possess property. Cognizant to this fact, Mizan-Tepi University is undertaking various income generation activities to increase its budget. These include distance learning, as well as limited agricultural activities. In addition to this, by acquiring large tracts of farmland from Bench Sheko Zone and Sheka Zone, various agricultural activities are being carried out with the support of experts.

Dear all stakeholders, although the start is good, and the income is not as good and profitable as expected, the efforts to generate income are encouraging. In line with this, the professionals have involved in the establishment of university enterprises; and this is encouraging for a feasibility study was conducted with the participation of stakeholders and the details of the enterprises were prepared and submitted to the Board for approval. Finally, I call up on all the university community and other stakeholders in the journey of realizing the vision of the university.

I Thank You,
Temesgen Mekuria (PhD)
Vice President for Business and Development
Phone: +251-xxx-xxx-xxx