Industry Linkage

University Industry Linkage Directorate


Effective and efficient University-Industry Linkage is a necessary condition for knowledge and technology transfer from university to the industry. University graduates and research outputs have to be absorbed by the industry. The industry is also source of finance for university research activities and source of information for quality assurance so that graduates with high level of knowledge and skills, as required by every industry, can be produced. 

Mizan-Tepi University is one of the governmental higher education institutions established aiming at the production of high caliber man power to fulfill the man power demands of the country in every discipline. Following its objectives it is carrying out intensive teaching learning activities and researches. The outcomes of research undertaken in universities have to be transferred to the industry integrated to the products and services of the industry and impact the livelihood of the society. Mizan-Tepi University pursues and encourages technology transfer through both formal and informal channels through its university-industry linkage office.


The MTU-industry linkage aspires to be the best technology transfer center identifying and promoting valuable technologies to the society.


The university industry linkage of MTU works:

Ø To be technology transfer center and center for innovative technologies that enhances the teaching-learning process and manufacturing sectors upon adaptation, searching, selecting and importing effective technologies

Ø To create a technology transfer framework that enables to build up local and national capabilities in technology implementation.


The general objective of the Industry University linkage of Mizan-Tepi University is to contribute to the general industrialization effort of the country in general and transformation of technologies into industries in particular.

Specific objectives:

The university industry linkage of MTU works to attain the following specific objectives:

Ø To establish relations with different research institutions and industries

Ø To strengthen the local economy through enhanced knowledge and technology transfer from university research units to the industry;

Ø To enhance the research outputs and further strengthen the research activity in relevant industrial problems.

Ø To enhance job opportunities to professionals graduating from Mizan-Tepi University

Ø To strengthen practical attachments

Office Information:

Phone: +251-047-556-14-50
University-Industry Linkage Office Director

Shegaw Enyew (PHD)(Director )