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Welcome to Mizan-Tepi University which is located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Regional State, Southwest Ethiopia, The main campus is headquartered in the Bench Sheko Zone, Mizan-Aman town, 583 km from the capital, Addis Ababa. Tepi branch campus is located 50 km from the main campus in Tepi town, and the third campus, Mizan-Tepi University Teaching Hospital is located at Aman.
Mizan-Tepi University is one of the higher educational institutions established in Ethiopia in 1997 E.C. It has started teaching by enrolling 215 students and preceded three undergraduate programs at the College of Social Sciences. It is currently escalating its operations to 6 colleges and two Schools.

MTU has currently enrolled a total of 17848 students in 42 undergraduate and 23 postgraduate programs including 11735 students in regular undergraduate, 5593 in extension undergraduate; and 520 in graduate programme. For the overall development of a country, it is proved that pursuit of a skilled and competent citizen in various fields is to be invaluable. Mizan-Tepi University, the actor of this operation and one of the higher institutions in the country, is undertaking its responsibility of teaching-learning, research, community development support and indigenous knowledge management as stated in its establishment Proclamation 1152/2011.
The strategic plan of the university focuses on ensuring quality and higher order learning, research and community service. We emphasis on what is next for MTU and work towards continuing to maintain MTU as the leading public institution of higher education in Ethiopia. Mizan-Tepi University, taking advantage of the Ethiopian government's focus on higher education and training, and other opportunities, currently it has developed a 10-year strategic plan that aids to achieve its vision by overcoming internal weaknesses and improving its strengths.

MTU put a vision “strives to be one of the 10 leading universities in Ethiopia by 2030”. To put this into effect, we should always make continuous assessment of our academic programs in order to develop and improve courses and programs in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the skilled labor market. In fact, we are fortunate to have committed academic staff, conducive weather condition and strategic location. MTU, as other higher education institutes of our nation aspire to be the center of human capital development in which the graduates uphold the established democratic culture; preach diversity; accelerate economic, social and political development; hate and discourage rent-seeking attitudes and practices; be loyal to the community; and abide by the constitution.

In the areas of research and community development, the university has been motivated thoroughly to use the values, norms and traditions of the local community for realizing sustainable and continuous development. Furthermore, MTU has performed encouraging community service activities in various extents including supports on training and capacity buildings on the areas of agriculture and natural resource, education sectors, health sector and other related issues of social sectors. With strong roots in community service our University endeavors to provide society with a high quality of human resources through its innovative academic and research programs. I believe that through the creation of knowledge, quality education and a close association with society, now more than ever MTU must fulfill its public responsibility towards the brighter future of Ethiopia and of the world. I believe that MTU can accomplish its objectives with the collective effort of all the stakeholders that could be augmented by the resources the nature endowed.

The geographic advantage of the areas being evergreen; the sustained support and sense of ownership by the community and the established culture of the peace-loving university community are our assets that we always want to preserve. Finally, on behalf of Mizan-Tepi University, I call up invaluable hands of all stakeholders to get together to support the success of its vision. I am confident that the enthusiasm the strength of the University community will enable us realize our vision. I look forward to the years ahead, working with everyone to transform MTU strategy into concrete action. For our success our commitment is a must and our partners support is our strength. Thank you for your interest and we welcome you to explore our website. Your interest and enthusiasm are highly valued and appreciated.

Dr. Ahmed Mustofa Ali
President Mizan Tepi Uniersity
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