Deans’ Message Engineering and Technology

Mengestu Ketema (MSc) Dean, College of Engineering and Technology


The College of Engineering and Technology came into existence at Mizan-Tepi University in 2002 E.C and started its operation in two departments. Currently, the college is enrolling students in six Engineering departments in the regular program, two departments in the Extension/weekend program, and one department in the summer program.

New UG and PG programs will be opened based on the needs of the country in the coming years. The College of Engineering and Technology is aimed at producing skilled professionals in the areas of engineering which highly contribute to the economic development and transformation of the country.

Our collage is located in south western part of Ethiopia
surrounded by natural forests, ever green and year-round rivers flows in Bench Sheko zone. Our collage was started by two departments in undergraduate program in 1999 EC.

Now a days our collage has six undergraduate programs in (Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, General Forestry, Horticulture, Natural Resource Management and Plant Science) and we have five Post graduate programs namely, (MSc in Agronomy, Weed Science, Environmental Science, General Horticulture and Animal Genetics and Breeding) in regular as well as in extension programs

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences fosters critical thinking, creative expression and intellectual curiosity. In classrooms, GIS laboratories, HDP training and ELIC center students are prepared for a variety of careers and they are equipped to prosper in an unpredictable future. I am proud to lead this college as Dean, and I am dedicated to the belief that the programs offered in the Humanities and Social Sciences are the best preparation for the fierce urgency of the contemporary world.

Our college includes 11 (Eleven) under graduate programs: English Language and Literature, History and Heritage Management, Ethiopian Language and Literature-Amharic, Civics and Ethical Studies, Geography and Environmental Studies, Educational Development Planning Management, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Journalism and Communication and Governance and Development Studies. In addition to the undergraduate programs the college of Social Sciences and Humanities launched post graduate programs in Applied Linguistic in Teaching Amharic, Special Need and Inclusive Education, Local and Regional Development Planning, Land Resource Management and Educational Leadership and Management.

In total, the academic departments provides a rich curriculum to all 3,259 regular and summer students enrolled at college of Social Sciences and Humanities through baccalaureate certificate and graduate programs. The college of Social Sciences and Humanities is striving to meet the required staff profile through different staff development plan so that the college has currently large numbers of PhD and MA academic staff members both on study leave and on duty.

The college of Social Sciences and Humanities shared MTU’s visions and missions. In order to realize these shared visions and missions, the college is doing its best in the area of learning teaching activities, researches and community services efficiently and diligently. 

Mengestu Ketema (MSc)

Dean, College of Engineering and Technology


Telephone: +251 47 13 50 082 (Office)

+251 0913 242204 (Mobile)